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Bungalow in Leeds

Job Description

Detached stone-built bungalow in Roundhay, Leeds, West Yorkshire

  • Built around 1990
  • High heating costs

The owners of this 27 year old detached stone-built bungalow knew that there was a problem with draughts and cold areas in the property, but they could not work out why the house was only 27 years old and it should have been insulated.

Why was a thermal imaging survey so useful in this case?

We were able to carry out a thermal imaging survey that clearly demonstrated where the heat was escaping, and the cold in the form of draughts was getting into the house.

  • It was found that the walls were not insulated
  • There were missing sections of loft insulation around recessed spot lights and at the edge of the loft space
  • The existing old PVCu frames were not A-rated, or energy efficient
  • There was an integral garage that was not properly insulated at the time of construction, walls that the customer assumed were insulated were not


  • A survey to determine if the cavity wall was suitable for insulation and which was the best system to have installed
  • Also, if appropriate, a quotation for cavity wall insulation, using the EPS, Bonded Bead system
  • Improved and better fitted loft insulation
  • Thermal hood /covers for the spot lights, to ensure that loft insulation was correctly fitted
  • External wall Insulation to be fitted to a large external wall, from inside the garage, to prevent further heat loss
  • New PVCu A-rated energy efficient windows as an when windows are to be replaced

Customer Testimonial

"Many thanks for your detailed report, it was very clear and excellent value."

Peter from Roundhay, Leeds

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